Queens Street, 2020


Akeem Smith traverses the slippages between memory, the archive, and history, excavating the personal photographs and videos entrusted to the artist over the past decade by various family members, friends, and pivotal figures of Kingston’s dancehall community.


The Pendulum, 2021


More concerned with reality than art world dynamics, Peter Sutherland makes largely autobiographical work around his life, family, peers, and travel. After twenty years in New York, during lockdown he decided to leave the city and move back to his native Colorado—resulting in a body of work brimming with nature, punctuated by hikes, camping, bike rides, and goat searching.


Oceano de Amor, 2019


The docu-fiction produced in Cuba portrays a cast of ten volunteers carrying out daily routines while answering questions about love and labor. Here, in one of the few remaining socialist countries, the members of the Army of Love describe an automated future in which distributing love will be the only form of work.


Makara, 2020


Makara (2020) blurs the line between man and automata, envisioning a future in which machines are a vital part of local culture, integrating themselves into ancestral performance and manifesting themselves on industrial shorelines. In this future, Black bodies take back the narrative of technology and re-imagine a myth as a new future.



As planetary-scale computation enables us to measure the inner dynamics of Earth, calculating its past, present, and future, we see the dissolving of the outside/inside mythos—the “out there” is actually “in here.” Produced by the participants of The Terraforming research program at the Strelka Institute, Moscow, these video works cover a range of topics—from space and sci-fi to artificial food, landscaping, and geo-engineering—occupying the interstitial space between speculative design proposal and experimental filmmaking.

Slam Jam presents

by Ill-Studio


Slam Jam announces its new ​global expression​ conceived and developed alongside Ill-Studio. The dream of a counter-culture revolution originated in 1989 with its foundation by Luca Benini in the outskirts of Ferrara, gets an important additional layer on the year one of its fourth decade.


Conjugasion du Désir, 2020
Directed by Ilenia Arosio


Conjugasion du Desire (2020) directed by photographer Ilenia Arosio is a portrait of the multidisciplinary Parisian artist Vava Dudu. portrait of the Parisian artist Vava Dudu, crosses the practice of drawing and writing, on every surface and consistency, from paper, to fabric to sound and performance with the electro-zouk group La Chatte. A foray into the world of Vava through the meticulous observation of the microcosm of her studio, with infinite references. 


The Dawn of Day, 2020


The Dawn of Day (2020) is a collaborative work produced in the context of the exhibition GOREGEOUS at the Confort Moderne, Poitiers. The video depicts scanned, zoomed-in details of pictures portraying the atrocities of war and its ensuing devastation. In an attempt to reach a heightened sense of closeness and intimacy with the picture, the scanner, regardless of its technical prowess, delivers a deadened, flattened vision. 

SURVEY (1969–1987)
Toshio Matsumoto


Afterimage presents a monographic focus on Japanese experimental director and video artist Toshio Matsumoto (1932–2017). The survey will feature 9 films spanning from 1969 to 1987, providing an overview of his pioneering oeuvre. Matsumoto’s prolific practice encompassed avant-garde documentaries, visionary shorts, and award-winning feature-length films, constantly experimenting with aesthetics and form and colliding tradition and pop culture.


Tyrant Star, 2019


In the Vietnamese-American artist’s work, lo-fi science experiments enact a perpetual transfiguration of matter, catalyzing entropy with the elemental forces of gravity, smoke, water and fire. Emerging from the close-up world of her photographs, her newest video opens up the angle, embarking on a journey through the sprawling spaces of Ho Chi Minh City.

Like a Pig in Shit, 2019


The work of Richard Sides isn’t tied to a specific medium, in fact improvisation plays a key role in his practice. Drawing on the complicated distinctions between existential expectations and the social status quo, in his recent video work ‘Like a Pig in Shit’ (2019) the English artist presents a disorienting audio visual compilation on contemporary anxieties.


Silent Madness, 2019


Following Mowalola’s electric debut solo exhibition at South London’s NOW Gallery in December 2019, ‘Silent Madness’ is a short film directed by Jordan Hemingway and starring Yves Tumor. Shot in London club Electrowerkz, the film follows Tumor over the course of an extremely unfortunate night out as they suffer the effects of a nightmarish trip.


Transformation Scenario, 2018


What’s the red thread between the 1989 Monday demonstrations in Leipzig, the extras’ rebellion at the Cinecittà Studios in the ’50s, a Black Friday event, and social ­distancing measures? In his latest cycle of works, the German artist and filmmaker examines the power structures in group dynamics, social behavior, surveillance and mass manipulation.

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